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I found O'Neal and Sapperstein Inc. to be an extremely honest law firm.  They told me from the beginning what to expect.  I appreciate how they kept e in the loop, and did't let my case just set.  They were aggressive from the start and met the timeline within reasonable expectations.  I'm so happy I went with this law firm, and would 100% recommend them to anyone who needs an employment attorney.


The staff at O'Neal and Sapperstein Inc. are amazing.  From day one, Mrs. O'Neal was kind, explained things to me without talking down to me.  Mr. Sapperstein fought hard to get me more than what I expected.  I really appreciate the service and professionalism, they are a class A Team.


I was wrongly terminated for a job I'd worked for over 15 years.  I was devastated.  Ardra O'Neal took my case and turned everything around for me.  I went from crying uncontrollably to smiling and looking forward to my future at a worthy company.


It's pretty simple, I was being sexually harassed on the job.  O'Neal & Sapperstein changed all of that.  Now I can work in peace.  I'm thankful.

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